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MST-BW-MK3352V2 - BMW N55 3.0T Inlet Pipe (Hybrid Only)

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Fits: BMW N55 3.0 Turbo View full description


This is a direct replacement for the turbo inlet hose found on BMW vehicles equipped the 3.0 turbocharged N55 engine fitted with an upgraded hybrid turbocharger. Our version of the hose is constructed from a 5-ply polyester reinforced silicone with a wire wound core for added strength. The hose has smooth inner walls and an enlarged internal volume to promote increased airflow, whilst eliminating the OEM sound resonator to release a little more turbo noise. The hose also features CNC machined connectors for the turbo inlet and the PCV system. The hose can be used as a direct replacement in conjunction with the standard intake pipework or with an aftermarket induction kit.

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N55 3.0 Turbo