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MST-SUZ-VT01 - Induction Kit For Suzuki SX4 Vitara 1.4T

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Fits: Suzuki SX4 Vitara 1.4T View full description


After installing the air intake, the maximum power gain can be 6hp and 1.7 kg more torque than the stock at a low speed of 2000-3000 rpm.
For stop-and-go urban or small off-road roads, the low-speed torque output is stronger than the stock, get a better throttle response.
The air intake kit is equipped with a special closed heat shield, enlarged-diameter air intake pipe, high-flow filter, quick and easy installation, and the removable air intake box upper cover is quicker and easier to clean and maintain the filter.
*Increase power and torque
*Improved throttle response
*Much improved airflow volume overstock 
*Enlarged air box volume
*Enlarged alloy intake piping
*Easy to maintain the DRY air filter
 * Dyno result:  +6.6hp @2700rpm and 17.5 nm@ 2700rpm
2019+ Suzuki SX4 Vitara 1.4T

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